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WELCOME to the "Mark of the Beast - Exposed, Identified, and Explained" web site. Would you like to have a higher education in a 7 study course in prophecy? You will learn the amazing prophecies of Daniel and Revelation that reveal the history of the world, who the Beast is, his image, his mark and most important you will learn God's saving Mark. If you do all 7 lessons in order and apply your best effort with the Holy Spirit's leading, you will learn more in this 7 study course than, most of the ministers and priests living in a 250 mile radius of your home. It is not complicated and only the King James Version of the Bible is used as the resource. You may be shocked, but you will understand there is no other explanation than what you will learn for it is on the authority of God's infallible Word. To begin the study, click the link below.

The Mark of the Beast 7 Lesson Study

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3 Days & 3 Nights 4 verses try to refute God's Sab 21st Century Christianity and an offended God 31 O.T. Prophecies of Jesus' First Coming The 144,000
Abortion Absent from the body A Fatal mistake Unpardonable  sin Alone in the Crowd Armageddon
Baptism Baptized Paganism Blood behind the veil Can_Can a saved man choose to be Lost?
Can a Saved man Choose to be Lost? captured by tongues Christ's Human Nature Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry Conditional Salvation
Daniel 8  Verse 14 Spirits of the Dead State of the Dead
Death in the Kitchen Does God's Grace Blot Out the Law? Down From His Glory Easter Daniel & Revelation
Evolution Science Feast Days & Sabbaths God's Big Mistake
Grace-Law Halloween Heaven Heaven - Is it for real? Hell
Hell Fire Hidden Eyes Closed Ears Hogs and other hazards
Homosexuality Is it a Sin to Be Tempted? Last night on earth Life in the Spirit Live without sinning?
Lords Day The Mark of the Beast The National Sunday Law
Once Saved Always Saved Satan in Chains Satan's greatest delusion Secret Rapture
10 reasons Sunday not Lord's Day The Beast, Dragon and the Woman KJV - The Pure Line The Bible - Corrupted The Christian and Alcohol
The Law in the New Testament Tiny Troublemaker Why the Old Covenant Failed Reserved

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The "National Sunday Law" by Jan Marcussen is now on this web site. All seven chapters are ready to read and copy if you would like to.

This amazing book revealing fulfilled prophecies and future prophecies soon to be fulfilled has been printed in numerous languages and is being circulated around the world.

The Mark of the Beast is revealed as it is declared in scripture. The Anti-Christ is not future, Anti-Christ is here, NOW. Learn what Satan does not want you to know. Click the graphic to the left.

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